I have been a Ph.D student at The Ohio State University since Autumn 2019. I am fortunately working with Prof. Yu Su. My current research interest is situated in natural language processing, with focus on semantic parsing and knowledge base. Specifically, topics I am interested in include:

  • Natural language interface, including semantic parsing, KBQA, etc.
  • Representation learning for knowledge bases, including KB embedding, knowledge-aware language modeling, etc.

Previously, I also worked on semantic web with Prof. Gong Cheng at Nanjing University, during when I developed broad interest in topics related to knowledge-based semantic search (e.g., association search and relevance search) and knowledge-based reasoning (e.g., approximate reasoning in formal logic using GNN).

Recent News

12/2022: Please check out our new preprint Pangu!
10/2022: Our ArcaneQA paper has won the Outstanding Paper Award at COLING'22!
09/2022: Our KBQA survey paper is accepted to AKBC'2022.
08/2022: One paper on KBQA is accepted to COLING'2022.
04/2022: One paper on multi-choice QA is accepted to NAACL'2022.
04/2022: One paper on dataset search is accepted to SIGIR'2022.
05/2021: Joining Microsoft Research as a research intern!
05/2021: One paper on KB representation learning is accepted to ACL'2021.
03/2021: Honored to be selected as a recipient of the Student Scholarship Award to attend The Web Conference 2021!
01/2021: One paper on KBQA is accepted to TheWebConf'2021 (previously WWW).
11/2020: We are excited to release our new QA dataset [GrailQA](http://dki-lab.github.io/GrailQA/). Source code of our experiments will also be released soon. Please stay tuned!